They’d saved the city with gold more easily, at this point, than any hero could have managed with steel. But in truth it had not exactly been gold, or the promise of gold, but more like the fantasy of gold, the fairy dream that the gold is there, at the end of the rainbow, and will continue to be there forever provided, naturally, that you don’t go and look.
This is known as Finance.
Going Postal (2004)

Interesting piece on last line errors in copied code blocks


'I have studied numbers of errors caused by using the Copy-Paste method and can assure you that programmers most often tend to make mistakes in the last fragment of a homogeneous code block. I have never seen this phenomenon described in books on programming, so I decided to write about it myself. I called it the “last line effect”.'



A very interesting and well-researched piece on Steam’s Early Access program. It looks at Early Access from the perspectives of Valve, consumers, and developers. Definitely worth a read.