Donald Knuth gives advice to young people. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t go with the popular. Focus on the long run! Learn everything about an area to gain confidence and perspective, before giving input to it. Possibly the opposite of taking the path of least resistance.

Oh this was good. Well worth watching.

Fuck these guys. I’ve spent the last ten years of my life trying to keep Google’s users safe and secure from the many diverse threats Google faces. I’ve seen armies of machines DOS-ing Google. I’ve seen worms DOS’ing Google to find vulnerabilities in other people’s software. I’ve seen criminal gangs figure out malware. I’ve seen spyware masquerading as toolbars so thick it breaks computers because it interferes with the other spyware. I’ve even seen oppressive govern­ments use state-sponsored hacking to target dissidents … But after spending all that time helping in my tiny way to protect Google—one of the greatest things to arise from the internet—seeing this, well, it’s just a little like coming home from War with Sauron, destroying the One Ring, only to discover the NSA is on the front porch of the Shire chopping down the Party Tree and outsourcing all the hobbit farmers with half-orcs and whips.
Google security engineer named Brandon Downey in a post on his personal Google+ account (via tidaltree)

Any WebKit/WebCore expert in the feedly community?

This was a interesting read…

Our focus for May and June has been to get rid of all the sporadic crashes that happen in feedly for iPhone and feedly for iPad while trying to accelerate the rendering. We have been making a lot of progress but there are two last crashes we have trouble understanding. The crashes happens deep inside WebCore. Given that it happens randomly, we are trying to understand which part of our code could result in the following low level C code.

Any WebKit/WebCore expert in the feedly community? | Building Feedly